Our history

The origin of the project

In my childhood, I grew up with my great-grandmother and most of the time I spent in the fields, I played in the streams, with the farm animals and I ate the fruits of the trees and of the earth. When I finished school, I had the opportunity to work in an exotic fruit export company and that’s where I discovered what I loved and what I was passionate about. to do. I worked in other industries for several years, but my mind and my heart were always there, not just for the products, but for the people; it is only when you know the field that you realize how wonderful it is to see a tree grow and bear fruit, and all the work involved, from sowing to harvesting and distribution.


In Colombia, I founded my export company, thinking about how to do what I love while helping the community (the peasants), but then I had to make a decision that would change my life and now I am here in Quebec. When I arrived in Canada, I discovered how generous this country is, that I also wanted to help and that is when I joined the CEM as a volunteer at the food bank. This is where I saw the reality when I discovered that while much food is salvaged, much is wasted and thrown away. In line with my fruit export project, I traveled to Berlin for a trade fair and that’s where I learned about the freeze drying process and my outlook changed, my project would no longer be the export of first class quality fruits, but my project now would be to give a second chance to fruits which are rejected by the industry and which have a high probability of being thrown away and which we consumers never see.

freeze-dried fruit

Now I am Lyoterra, with its slogan “Who hasn’t had a second chance?”, is a project centered on two points, the first the reduction of food waste and the second food processing, having as its principle its policy of circular and environmental economy 3RV. Striving not only to reduce the climate impact caused by organic waste from Our Historythe food industry and accompanying materials, such as packaging, but also aiming to provide a quality product to consumers with benefits important for health, 100% natural and with the same nutritional properties as fresh fruit.

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